MapCreator 3.0

Creates static as well as animated maps
Make your own high quality maps either static or animated ones. The tool includes the ability to add and edit routes, embeds a huge collection of maps, is geo-referenced, so it automatically calculates the longitude and latitude of map fragments and saves its creations in popular image formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP or TIF.

MapCreator 2.0 is a software to create maps and animated maps with a good quality.
MapCreator can be used in presentations because is versatile and can be adequate for any kind of presentation, from travel presentations to professional presentations.
MapCreator is geo-referenced so any map or portion of the map will have the exactly portions of latitude and longitude, even towns, cities or the landmarks that can be created will have its position.
MapCreator offers flexible maps creation. The maps are generated from an integrated geo-database. All map properties can be adjusted independently of each other. In every map you can set the map size, map type, bodies of water, borders, colours, labeling, visible towns, etc. The map created can be saved in common picture formats (TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc). MapCreator also provides a tool to add/edit routes.
MapCreator is able to produce animations from the maps created. This could be for example, a progressing route, the zoom in and zoom out of the map or even a flight over a larger map. The time course is adjustable. The animations can be saved in Video (AVI) format and in Flash (SWF) format. The size and frame rate of the video/Flash film is adjustable.
The installation process is very easy to perform and no additional libraries are needed. MapCreator works on Windows Vista/XP/2000 platforms.

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  • MapCreator offers a good option that combines cartography and graphics to create maps for different purposes


  • Free version displays a watermark
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